Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

What is the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment?

The JSNA is a shared evidence base which helps us to understand the differing health and wellbeing needs of Oxfordshire's residents.

Local authorities, together with other partners, collect a range of data and evidence to support service decision making and resource allocation. The Oxfordshire JSNA aims to bring this evidence together to create shared evidence base to help decision makers and other interested groups to find useful, relevant information their organisational or individual needs.

The audience includes the Health and Wellbeing Board, commissioners in health and social care, District Councils, health and social care providers, voluntary sector organisations, students, academics, community groups and the general public.

Given the breadth of the potential audience, there is no single set of reports which will be useful to all our stakeholders. We have therefore focussed on creating a set of resources which can be drawn upon in a bespoke manner by interested parties.

The summary report presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board focuses on the headline facts uncovered by the most recent analysis of the data, and can be downloaded here:

How should I use the JSNA?

The JSNA is a resource base for interested groups to draw on in a bespoke manner. There are a number of ways to explore the information held in the JSNA:

What is the Data Directory?

What is the interactive content?

What if I want to explore data which isn’t available?

What is in the publications directory and how do I access it?

The JSNA doesn’t contain any data on the group I’m interested in. Will there be further updates to the data collection in the future?