District Health and Wellbeing (JSNA) summaries 
Oxfordshire Districts map

West Oxfordshire JSNA District Summary

Community Health and Wellbeing summaries 

Map of Oxfordshire

Abingdon (Oct 2017)

Banbury (Nov 2019)

Bicester (Nov 2017)

Carterton (March 2020)

Didcot (Oct 2018)

Kidlington (May 2019)

Thame (Oct 2018)

Wantage and Grove (Aug 2018)

Witney (Nov 2018)


Other Community health and wellbeing profiles will be added here as they are developed

District Wards in Oxfordshire

There are 112 wards in Oxfordshire.

Maps showing the changes to ward boundaries in 2015 and 2016 in Oxfordshire's rural districts are available here

The revised ward boundaries for Oxford (from 2020) are available here

To find health and wellbeing data at ward level, go to the Inequalities Indicators sections of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

Oxfordshire's Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks in Oxfordshire, description and maps (link to OCCG website)

Geographies used to publish national statistics

Handy beginners guide to statistical geographies

Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs): 86 in Oxfordshire with an average of 7,600 residents - a growing set of population, health and other statistics are now being published at MSOA level. Map of Oxfordshire showing Middle Layer Super Output Areas

Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs): 407 in Oxfordshire with an average of 1,600 residents - used to publish the Indices of Deprivation, Census and other data

Output Areas (OAs): 2,058 in Oxfordshire with an average of 300 residents - used to publish Census data.

Webpages with statistics for Oxfordshire's districts