Sexual Health Needs Assessment Oxfordshire 2018

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This report aims to systematically and comprehensively assess the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) needs of the population of Oxfordshire, to identify where these are not being met by current services and to identify possible solutions to better satisfy unmet need. Objectives are:

  • To combine epidemiological and corporate approaches to a sexual health needs assessment to characterise population needs and current service provision and to identify areas where these do not meet (gap analysis)
  • To incorporate a wide range of data sources, both qualitative and quantitative, existing and new data
  • To make use of a wide range of SRH indicators for Oxfordshire, and make appropriate comparisons with the performance of similar counties, the South East region and England
  • To gain the views of SRH service providers and other key stakeholders
  • To work closely with the OCC Engagement Team to ensure that a wide range of service user and potential service user views are accurately captured
  • To make recommendations from findings with regard to future service provision and distribution of resources, both spatially and across different population groups, according to level of need.

This is the Executive Summary of the full report.

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