The Oxfordshire Safer Communities Partnership (OSCP) is the statutory county-wide partnership that provides strategic direction for community safety activity to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour across the county. OSCP performs this role through delivery of the five year OSCP Business Plan 2012-17 which provides the community safety agreement for the partnership as required by the Crime and Disorder Regulations 2007. This 2015-16 refresh plan provides a brief summary of our achievements in the last year and sets out our priorities for the year ahead. It also provides information about how the partnership works. The law says we must produce an annual community safety agreement. This plan is our community safety agreement for Oxfordshire.
13 May 2015

Health and wellbeing facts and figures from the 2020 JSNA report

27 March 2020


The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment provides information about Oxfordshire’s population and the factors affecting health, wellbeing, and social care needs. It brings together information from different sources and partners to create a shared evidence base, which supports service planning, decision-making, and delivery. The 2020 report provides the most recent analysis of a broad range of data.  

27 March 2020

The Carterton Health and Wellbeing profile has been updated with the latest social statistics.

The profile includes:

- Geographical area and area boundaries

- Population by age

- People living in communal establishments

In-depth reports for population groups in Oxfordshire
How the provision of pharmaceutical services meets the health needs of the population.
Bitesize summaries of JSNA data - JSNA topics at a glance.
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This Helath Needs Assessment (HNA) is focused on the needs of Oxfordshire inhabitants aged 18 years and over who use alcohol, illicit drugs or other substance misuse in a manner of irregular harmful misuse or dependence, regardless of whether they are already in contact with treatment services. A variety of data sources have been used to inform the HNA, including the local treatment services database and Public Health England National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) reports, scientific literature and Government reports.  This report compares current and changing performance data against regional and national benchmarks, and outlines recommendations for consideration in future commissioning of services.

17 February 2020


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