Health Needs Assessment for Promoting Healthy Weight


  • Living with excess weight poses a significant challenge to living a healthy life. It is one of the leading causes of preventable early deaths, increasing the risks for a wide range of health. It is associated with worse mental health and lower educational attainment in children and needing to take more sick leave in adults. Excess weight also comes with high social costs due to its impact on residents’ quality of life and increased need for health and social care, costing an estimated 3% of the UK’s GDP.
  • The important influence of environments more broadly to healthy weight is supported by national guidance, but was also evocatively described by residents who expressed how exposure to less healthy foods along their commutes, in their neighbourhoods and through advertising and promotions make it harder to resist temptation despite their best intentions.  Data shows that less affluent areas have a higher concentration of fast-food outlets, making it more challenging for residents in these areas to stick to a healthy diet.
  • The focus of this needs assessment is on preventing and addressing excess weight.

Overweight or obesity in Oxfordshire

  • In Oxfordshire, on entering Reception, one in five children (20% in 2021/22) meet definitions for overweight or obesity.
  • This proportion rises to over one third (34% in 2021/22) in Year 6 and approaches 6 in 10 (58% in 2020/21) in adults. 
  • Obesity indicators (link to fingertips Public Health data with child obesity, adult obesity and contextual indicators)

Download the Healthy Weight Needs Assessment

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