NEW JSNA Bitesize on health and care of people with learning disabilities now available on Oxfordshire Insight showing that...

This bitesize summarises some data from an experimental dataset published by NHS Digital on Health and Care of People with Learning Disabilities. Within this bitesize, data are reported at a national level with some at a local level.

7 November 2019

At the end of October, NHS Digital published an update to the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF).

This JSNA Bitesize summarises information about smoking prevalence. This includes data for adult smoking prevalence by occupation group, mothers smoking during pregnancy, estimated prevalence of school pupils smoking, and e-cigarette use.

30 September 2019
Social, economic and environmental factors which impact on people’s health
Mortality by cause, premature mortality, preventable mortality
Population pyramids, population projections, life expectancy
Vaccinations, immunisations, infectious diseases
Pregnancy and birth, cancer, injury, self-harm, GP diagnosed conditions

This pack provides an overview of health and wellbeing data of relevance to working age adults (aged 18-64) with:

  • Physical disability
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mental health problems


NOTE that this Working Age Adults Needs Assessment is a supplementary report to Oxfordshire’s main 2019 JSNA (March 2019) which includes further information on topics such as housing & homelessness, deprivation, health conditions and accessing health services

More detail on Mental Health is available in the Mental Health Needs Assessment for Oxfordshire (Feb 2018)

23 July 2019


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