This report summarises preliminary findings from Oxfordshire's first Online Pupil Survey. 

The OxWell School Survey asked questions on a range of health and wellbeing-related issues to pupils at participating schools in Oxfordshire.  The aim of the survey is to inform individual schools and Oxfordshire County Council, as well as to contribute to academic research into imporoving the wellbeing and mental health of children and adolescents. 

The data summarised in this report were collected between May and July 2019 in year groups 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in 36 Oxfordshire schools. Data from 4,222 pupils are included in the summary presented in this report.  More detailed results and statistical tests will be included in manuscripts intended for publication in scientific journals. 

A University of Oxford and Oxfordshire County Council Project. 

10 December 2020
Summary of the discussions which took place in the 8th September 2020 analyst networking meeting.
25 September 2020
Summary of the three presentations given at the (virtual) analyst networking meeting which took place on the 8th September 2020.
25 September 2020

This Helath Needs Assessment (HNA) is focused on the needs of Oxfordshire inhabitants aged 18 years and over who use alcohol, illicit drugs or other substance misuse in a manner of irregular harmful misuse or dependence, regardless of whether they are already in contact with treatment services. A variety of data sources have been used to inform the HNA, including the local treatment services database and Public Health England National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) reports, scientific literature and Government reports.  This report compares current and changing performance data against regional and national benchmarks, and outlines recommendations for consideration in future commissioning of services.

17 February 2020

This health needs assessment was commissioned by NHS England and has been jointly supported by a steering group of representatives from the prisons in the region, healthcare and specialist health service providers in the Thames Valley.

23 January 2020

A NEW JSNA Bitesize is now available on people living with dementia in Oxfordshire showing that:

This bitesize reports on changes in the prevalence of dementia (GP registered patients), the number of care home beds in homes catering for dementia and social groups and activities for people with dementia.

18 December 2019

People experiencing homelessness die younger than those living in stable, appropriate housing. In fact, they have a lower life expectancy than the average person living in the poorest, least healthy countries on the planet.

For the first time in Oxfordshire, this report combines local quantitative data from various healthcare service providers and housing teams, as well as qualitative data from focus groups and questionnaires conducted with people experiencing homelessness in this area, to provide estimates of the homeless population across the county and their health needs. These local data are supplemented with national data to fill in information gaps and place the situation in Oxfordshire in a wider context.

1 July 2019

NEW JSNA Bitesize on health and care of people with learning disabilities now available on Oxfordshire Insight showing that...


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