Oral Health Needs Assessment 2023

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A healthy mouth and smile enable people to eat, speak and socialise without pain or discomfort and play their part at home, school, work and in wider society activities. Unacceptable inequalities in oral health for vulnerable, disadvantaged and socially excluded people can be reduced by focusing on the wider determinants of health and supporting people at higher risk of developing dental disease.

Aims of the Oral Health Needs Assessment
• Provide an overview of the oral health profile of people living in Oxfordshire
• Describe the oral health promotion programme and community dental care services in Oxfordshire
• Identify any potential gaps in service provision

• Evidence reviews for national guidance and best practice
• Mapping of oral health provision in Oxfordshire to address inequalities
• Survey of the public and stakeholders

The Oral Health Needs Assessment conducted in Oxfordshire has shed light on the significance of oral health in individuals' overall well-being and the existing gaps in NHS dental care accessibility. The assessment emphasises the importance of preventive strategies, targeting vulnerable populations, and addressing key issues such as oral cancer and dental care in care homes.

Seven key findings:
1. Make oral health one of Oxfordshire’s top priorities
2. Broaden prevention strategies
3. Improve oral health in care homes
4. Collect more data on oral cancer prevalence and inequalities
5. Review oral health research evidence to update health promotion initiatives
6. Explore the feasibility of regional water fluoridation
7. Collaboration for a financially sustainable model of NHS dentistry provision