This briefing (PDF) presents key facts about Oxfordshire's residents highlighting the major equalities themes including ethnicity, religion, sex and disability.
26 November 2014
Summary report for the long-range population projections for Oxfordshire and districts, published autumn 2014. This report accompanies the projections data, providing more information about how the projections were constructed and how to use them.
31 October 2014

Oxfordshire County Council Population Forecasts sumamry report, May 2015 release. PDF format. Includes:

  • Key points
  • Total population change by district 2014-2026
  • Life expectancy changes (Oxfordshire)
  • Age-structure changes (Oxfordshire)
  • Forecast birth, death, and net migration totals (Oxfordshire)
  • Household formation (Oxfordshire and Districts)

Please visit our Population theme page for more information.

28 January 2014

Oxfordshire County Council Population Forecasts, January 2014 release. Excel 97-2003 format. Population totals for Oxfordshire, districts, and wards, 2011 to 2026, by 5 year groups and gender.

Please visit our Population theme page for more information.

28 January 2014
Demographics, population change, age profiles .
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