Statistics on army veterans in Oxfordshire
Household analysis of Oxfordshire using 2021 Census Data
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Statistics on migration in Oxfordshire

The pattern of population change varies across the county

In 2021 the population of Oxfordshire was 725,314, an increase of 71,516 (+11%)  from 653,798 in 2011.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has released the first results from the 2021 Census providing data at Local Authority level only, including population counts by 5-year age band and count of households. All data has been provided rounded to the nearest 100 and may not sum.

2021 Census
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A bitesize for the Oxfordshire housing-led population forecasts February 2022 update
28 February 2022
This is the data for the Oxfordshire housing-led population forecasts June 2021 update in excel format
28 February 2022


Oxfordshire County Council carries out an annual update to housing-led population forecasts to support planning for school places, social care and other services. These differ from the population projections provided by ONS in that they:

Slide pack used in the webinar on population forecasts given by Isabella Image (Oxfordshire County Council) on 21st September 2021

24 September 2021


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