Rose Drummond of the Office for National Statistics, is undertaking an analysis of the difference in ethnicity recording across health data, in collaboration with Wellcome and the Race Equality Foundation to provide clarity around estimates for England.

The issue

District level gender identity data for Oxfordshire
Census 2021 Sexual orientation data for Oxfordshire

The recent Census 2021 ethnic group release is able to give us a detailed insight into the ethnicities found within the county.

Since 1991, the Census for England and Wales has included a question about ethnic group.

Oxfordshire Language data
Census 2021 update shared at Oxfordshire Analyst Network held online on 24th November 2022
25 November 2022
Statistics on army veterans in Oxfordshire
Household analysis of Oxfordshire using 2021 Census Data
households - Census 2021
Statistics on migration in Oxfordshire

The pattern of population change varies across the county

In 2021 the population of Oxfordshire was 725,314, an increase of 71,516 (+11%)  from 653,798 in 2011.


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