Equalities briefing, March 2021

This Equalities report provides the latest data on residents in selected population groups in Oxfordshire including “protected characteristics” as defined under the Equality Act of 2010.

Facts and figures are presented for Oxfordshire by: age and sex; students; disability; gender identity; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; ethnicity; religion; sexual orientation; carers; armed forces. 

There is also information for practitioners on carrying out an equity audit.

In some cases local data is unavailable, so figures for Oxfordshire have been estimated from national surveys and local population data.

The information in this report is also included in chapter 3 of the 2021 update of the Oxfordshire JSNA. Further JSNA resources are available including an interactive inequalities dashboard showing indicators for Oxfordshire by Middle Layer Super Output Area.

• This report includes the most recent datasets accessed in January 2021.
• Most data is as of mid-2019 or from the Census 2011 survey or up to March 2020.
• This means that this report will not reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (from early 2020).