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Type File type Localities Date releasedsort ascending Title
Report PDF Oxfordshire 10/09/2019 JSNA 2019 full report
Full JSNA 2019 report - all chapters in one pdf - for searching content across the whole document.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 30/08/2019 MSOAs in Oxfordshire
Map showing Middle Layer Super Output Areas in Oxfordshire. Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) are a statistical geography and a growing set of population, health and other statistics are now being published at MSOA level. There are 86 MSOAs in Oxfordshire with an average of 7,600 residents
Data MS Excel Oxfordshire 30/08/2019 Oxfordshire housing-led forecasts for districts and MSOAs Excel pack
Oxfordshire County Council housing-led forecasts 2017 to 2027 (released August 2019).  This pack includes data by: Local Authority District: persons, males, females, single year of age and age bands 2017 to 2027 MSOA: persons, broad age and 5 year age bands 2017 to 2027 Note that, unlike trend-based ONS population projections, the County Council population model includes assumptions about future growth in housing within Oxfordshire, provided by planning officers in Oxfordshire's district councils as of March 2019.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 30/08/2019 Oxfordshire housing-led-forecasts JSNA Bitesize 2019
This bitesize shows how the updated Oxfordshire County Council 2017 to 2027 population forecasts (August 2019) compare with the Office for National Statistics projections of population growth in Oxfordshire. The annex shows the forecast change in population by district and the main settlements in Oxfordshire.
Report PDF 31/07/2019 Carers survey 2018-19 JSNA Bitesize 2019
This bitesize highlights findings from the national Survey of Adult Carers in England, 2018-19 which takes place every other year. There was a total of 637 carer respondents in Oxfordshire, a random sample from 3,817 carers supported by Oxfordshire County Council as of October 2018.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 23/07/2019 Excess Deaths in Winter Compared With Expected Number in Non-Winter Months
Excess deaths in winter compared with expected number in non-winter months (%) - three year periods (1990/3 to 2014/17). England, South East and local districts within Oxfordshire.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 23/07/2019 Healthy Life Expectancy
Healthy Life Expectancy - average number of years a person would expect to live in good health 2009-11 to 2015-17 Males and Females England, South East region and Oxfordshire
Report PDF Oxfordshire 23/07/2019 Percentage of All Abortions to Females Under 25 Years Which are Repeat Abortions
Percentage of all abortions to females under 25 years which are repeat abortions - 2006 to 2018 England, Thames Valley Area Team and NHS Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Report PDF Oxfordshire 23/07/2019 Abortion rate for females aged 15-17 Years
Abortion rate per 1,000 females aged 15-17 years 2003 - 2018 England, South of England region, Thames Valley Area Team and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Data PDF Oxfordshire 23/07/2019 Prevalence of smoking among persons aged 18 years and over
Prevalence of smoking among persons aged 18 years and over - 2011 to 2018 (Calendar years) England, South East region, Oxfordshire and districts within Oxfordshire