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Type File type Localities Date releasedsort ascending Title
Data CSV Oxfordshire 02/03/2022 Oxfordshire Postcode to area lookup
look up file from Postcode to areas
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/03/2022 Bitesize on falls and hip fractures
This bitesize shows data from Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (released February 2022) on Emergency hospital admissions for falls injuries and for fractured neck of femur in persons aged 65 and over to 2020/21, with the trend for Oxfordshire county and the variation by district council area.
Data MS Excel Oxfordshire 28/02/2022 Oxfordshire housing-led population forecasts Feb 2021 update (2020-2030) Data
This is the data for the Oxfordshire housing-led population forecasts June 2021 update in excel format
Report PDF Oxfordshire 28/02/2022 Oxfordshire housing-led population forecasts Feb 2022 update (2020-2030) Bitesize
A bitesize for the Oxfordshire housing-led population forecasts February 2022 update
Report PDF Oxfordshire 18/02/2022 Bitesize on Attendance Allowance claimants
This bitesize includes total claimants of Attendance Allowance in Oxfordshire as of August 2021 with a breakdown by district and by deprivation.  
Data CSV 17/02/2022 Oxfordshire Postcode to area lookup
Oxfordshire Postcode to area lookup
Report PDF Oxfordshire 15/12/2021 Mental Wellbeing Needs Assessment for Oxfordshire - temporary
Please note: this is a temporary document and will soon be replaced with a final version along with an interactive summary of findings.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 15/11/2021 Bitesize on carbon emissions
This bitesize shows the latest carbon emissions data for Oxfordshire's districts and local areas.  It includes the link to and maps from the place-based carbon calculator with estimated cabon footprint per persion for Lower Super Output Areas in England.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 12/11/2021 JSNA Bitesize on Homelessness
People without a home are in poorer health and live shorter lives than average. This bitesize gives national facts and figures on health and wellbeing of homeless people and shows the trend in households assessed as owned a homelessness duty (prevention or relief) in Oxfordshire to March 2021.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 13/10/2021 Air Quality presentation to Oxfordshire Analyst Network October 2021
Presentation on Air Quality in Oxfordshire - from statutory requirements to monitoring and data analysis - given to the Oxfordshire Analyst Network online meeting on 12th October 2021