Census 2021 - Ethnic groups in Oxfordshire

The recent Census 2021 ethnic group release is able to give us a detailed insight into the ethnicities found within the county.

Since 1991, the Census for England and Wales has included a question about ethnic group.

The ethnic group question has two stages. Firstly, a person identifies through one of the following five high-level ethnic groups:

  • "Asian, Asian British, Asian Welsh"
  • "Black, Black British, Black Welsh, Caribbean or African"
  • "Mixed or Multiple"
  • "White"
  • "Other ethnic group"

Secondly, a person identifies through one of the 19 available response options, which include categories with write-in response options. 


Non-White British ethnic groups in Oxfordshire

The largest ethnic group in the county is "White: English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British" (76.8%).

Of those ethnic groups which are not White British, the largest in the county are: 

  • "Indian or British Indian" (7.5%)
  • "European mixed" (7.4%)
  • "Pakistani or British Pakistani" (6.6%)

GRAPH: Top ethnic groups in Oxfordshire after "White British"

Source: Census Table TS022

Ethnic groups which are not "White British" by district

  • Cherwell (22.1%)
  • Oxford (46.5%)
  • South Oxfordshire (14.2%)
  • Vale of White Horse (16.8%)
  • West Oxfordshire (11%)
  • Oxfordshire (23.2%)
  • England and Wales (25.5%)
Source: Census Table TS021