Safer Oxfordshire Partnership 2022 Strategic Intelligence Assessment

The Safer Oxfordshire Partnership works together to reduce crime and create safer communities in Oxfordshire. Each year the Partnership receives a summary of the latest data on crime and community safety in a Strategic Intelligence Assessment (SIA) for Oxfordshire.

The 2022 SIA is in two parts:
Part 1 is an update of the Oxfordshire Strategic Intelligence Assessment showing overall changes in all types of crime and community safety statistics;
Part 2 is an overview of the key data relating to serious violence.

The report is accompanied by an Oxfordshire Interactive crime dashboard showing trend charts and maps, which has been updated with data to year ending Dec21 from Home Office crime open data tables and

Key findings include:

  • In 2021 (Jan-Dec) there was a total of 46,600 police recorded crimes in Oxfordshire.
  • The two year change, between year ending Dec19 and Dec21, was an increase of 2,400 (+5%), in Oxfordshire, compared with a 3% decrease in crime across England and Wales.
  • By district the 2019 to 2021 change was: Cherwell +12%, Vale of White Horse +27%, West Oxfordshire +6%. Crime declined in South Oxfordshire (-0.3%) and in Oxford City (-3%).
  • Unlike other Oxfordshire districts, Vale of White Horse has seen an increase in each year since 2018.
  • There have been significant increases in Oxfordshire in recorded crimes of Public order, Violence, Sexual and Drug offences.
  • In 2021, total recorded crime was over 2.5 times more prevalent in the most income-deprived areas compared with the least income-deprived areas of Oxfordshire.
  • Violence and sexual offences were 3.6 times more prevalent in the most income-deprived of areas compared with the least income-deprived. The gap is similar to 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Column chart showing crime in Oxfordshire districts 2018 to 2021

This 2022 SIA update is based on:

  • Crime data published by the Office for National Statistics (for the period Jan-Dec 2021) which allows for comparisons with national averages and similar areas;
  • Locally sourced crime statistics from Thames Valley Police (for the period Jan-Dec 2021);
  • Other local and national datasets, as referenced throughout the report.

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