Oxfordshire Analyst Networking

The Oxfordshire Analyst Network is open to all analysts working with social statistics and administrative data in Oxfordshire to share insights and skills.  We use our regular meetings to share findings from our projects and build links between our very varied areas of work.

20th March 2024 Meeting online relating to Oxfordshire-specific data from the Census 2021

Notes from previous Oxfordshire Analyst Networking meetings

24th November 2022 Meeting online on 2022 update to the Oxfordshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and initial Census 2021 findings

16th June 2022 Meeting online on the Oxfordshire Strategic Intelligence Assessment, older victims of crime and the Thames Valley Violence Reduction needs assessment

12th October 2021 Meeting  online on Air Quality, Pathway to Carbon Zero storymap, Treescapes project and mapping

21st September 2021 webinar on population forecasts for Oxfordshire

2nd September 2021 webinar on data visualisation given by Our World In Data

April 2021 Meeting online on JSNA 2021 overview; healthy weight story map; data visualisation

November 2020 Meeting online on monitoring Oxfordshire's Labour market; risk mapping in Fire & Rescue; Population Health Management

September 2020 Meeting online on recent Covid-related trends; Oxfordshire Rural Services survey; impact of Covid-19 on local health services

June 2020 Meeting online on analysis of shielded residents; impact of Covid on crime; overview of Local Insight; Oxford City Council locality work during the pandemic

November 2019 Meeting hosted by Oxfordshire County Council in County Hall (IMD 2019)

May 2019 Meeting hosted by Oxford City Council in Oxford Town Hall (360Giving on local grants data; data science; JSNA)

Novembe 2018 Meeting hosted by Oxfordshire County Council in County Hall (problem solving in the police; data science; GDPR)

June 2018 JSNA Conference hosted by Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council in Oxford Town Hall (sharing ideas for JNSA development)

May 2018 Meeting hosted by Oxford City Council in Oxford Town Hall (JSNA; population estimates and forecasts, with cake!)

Futher information is available on our online Oxfordshire Analyst Networking KnowledgeHub.