New JSNA bitesize on cost of food

This bitesize is one of a series showing data for Oxfordshire related to the cost of living, and is focused on the cost of food.

In summary:

  • ONS data shows that rising prices are having a disproportionate effect on lower income households.
  • ONS experimental analysis of 30 lowest price food products in seven supermarkets showed increases in the year to April 2022 for 24 out of 30 items with low price pasta increasing by 50% in the year.
  • As of January 2022, a total of 13,879 pupils at schools in Oxfordshire were known to be eligible for Free School Meals.  In Oxfordshire's most deprived areas, just over a third (36%) of pupils were eligible for Free School Meals, over double the average of 14%. In the least deprived areas of Oxfordshire the rate was 7%.
  • In March 2022, Citizens Advice (national) data showed a continued monthly increase in people needing crisis support (help with Food Banks or Other Charitable Support) with a 44% increase compared with March 2021.
  • In 2021/22, Citizen’s Advice North Oxfordshire and South Northants issued 651 food vouchers used in food banks in Cherwell. Each voucher supported, on average, 2.6 people (1.5 adults and 1.2 children)

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