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26 September 2022

This bitesize is one of a series showing data for Oxfordshire related to the cost of living, and is focused on Pension Credit.

Pension Credit is an income-related benefit that tops up weekly income to £182.60 for a single person and to a joint £278.70 for a couple.

The charts below show the recorded ethnicities and first language (English/Other) of Primary and Secondary (national curriculum years 1-11) pupils who attend Oxfordshire schools, split by the District in which they live. The underlying data comes from the January 2021 School Census*.

Some key themes:

JSNA District Summaries are now available with the latest data and information from the 2021 Oxfordshire JSNA:

This summary highlights the key findings from the 2021 Oxfordshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Vale of White Horse district including historical and projected population change, wider determinants, health and mortality.

8 June 2021
Statistics on the built and natural environment
image of a field


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