Ethnic groups in Oxfordshire
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Map showing Middle Layer Super Output Areas in Oxfordshire.

Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) are a statistical geography and a growing set of population, health and other statistics are now being published at MSOA level.

There are 86 MSOAs in Oxfordshire with an average of 7,600 residents

30 August 2019

The updated equalities briefing contains key facts and figures for each protected characteristic covered in the Equality Act, 2010.

This briefing presents key facts about Oxfordshire's residents, highlighting the major equalities themes including age, sex, race and ethnicity, and disability.
9 November 2015

Reference pack showing main mode of travel for commutes to and from major settlements in Oxfordshire (2011 Census travel flow data). 


5 November 2014
New 2011 Census data shows how commuters travel into, out of, and within Oxfordshire, and how patterns have changed since 2001
30 October 2014
Headlines from the 2011 Census travel to work 'flow' data by district showing: where outbound commuters travel to, where inbound commuters travel from, and how patterns have changed since 2001.
15 September 2014

The recently published UK Competitiveness Index shows Oxford City as the eighth most competitive of 45 cities across the UK.  The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Parnership is ranked sixth of 39 LEP areas.  This briefing presents the figures behind the county’s success as a competitive economy and looks at how we compare nationally.

18 March 2014


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