Older People Needs Assessment 2018

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This Needs Assessment focuses on the older population of Oxfordshire, and the factors affecting older people’s health, wellbeing, and social care needs.
The report is organised under the following broad theme headings:
• Population and population groups (chapters 2 and 3) The number of older people living in Oxfordshire and how this is expected to change.
• Wider determinants of health (chapter 4) Factors with known links with health and wellbeing of older people, such as income, deprivation and the physical and social environment.
• Health conditions and causes of death (chapter 5) The number of older people with diseases and long-term conditions, and the main causes of death.
• Lifestyles (chapter 6) Lifestyle behaviours and characteristics, such as smoking, drinking, drug use, and obesity.
• Service use (chapter 7) The number of older people receiving health, social care and other services. Older people in contact with community safety services (police, fire, trading standards).
This report draws on evidence presented in the main Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, last updated April 2018, and has been made possible through invaluable contributions, advice and guidance of the JSNA Steering Group and the many experts and data analysts in Oxfordshire’s local authorities, health services, police and voluntary organisations.
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