Migration can be measured in a number of ways. For example international migration can be measured by looking at 'Country of Birth' or 'Passports Held'. Migration within the UK can be assessed by looking at where someone lived one year previously.

Country of Birth

Census 2021 shows that about 1 in every 6 people in England and Wales were born outside of the UK (16.8%). The figure is slightly higher in Oxfordshire (18.7%).

Percentage of population born outside of the UK by district:

Cherwell 18% of the population
Oxford 35%
South Oxfordshire 13%
Vale of White Horse 14%
West Oxfordshire 11%

The graph below shows the top ten countries of birth for Oxfordshire residents.

  • Those born in Poland were the largest group in both 2011 and 2021.
  • There was a large growth in those born in Romania, due to Romanian citizens getting EU migration rights to the UK in 2014. But there was a decline in those born in Ireland.
  • Census data also allows us compare Oxfordshire with other parts of England and Wales. For example, Oxfordshire has three times as many people born in the USA compared with England & Wales as a whole.

GRAPH: Non-UK countries of birth among Oxfordshire residents, Census 2011 and 2021



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