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Type File type Localities Date releasedsort ascending Title
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/05/2006 Neighbourhood Policing - A Joint Agenda
Report of a Conference Held in April 2006
Report PDF Oxfordshire 03/01/2006 Deconstructing distraction burglary, an ageist offence
This chapter is based upon research conducted in preparation for a Home Office funded evaluation of the Leeds Distraction Burglary Project.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 10/08/2004 Defining and measuring anti-social behaviour - development and practice report 26
This report sets out possible methods for defining and measuring anti-social behaviour at local level and sources of information that can be drawn upon for this purpose.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 14/03/2002 Rural Crime England and Wales
This report looks at the levels of crime and peopleís fear of crime in rural areas, derived from government statistics. It confirms that rural areas continue to experience lower levels of crime than those in urban areas.
Report HTML Oxfordshire 31/07/1998 Crime and Disorder Act 1998
An act to make provision for preventing crime and disorder.