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Report PDF West Oxfordshire 28/01/2014 Oxfordshire County Council Population Forecasts May 2015 release - PDF summary report
Oxfordshire County Council Population Forecasts sumamry report, May 2015 release. PDF format. Includes: Key points Total population change by district 2014-2026 Life expectancy changes (Oxfordshire) Age-structure changes (Oxfordshire) Forecast birth, death, and net migration totals (Oxfordshire) Household formation (Oxfordshire and Districts) Please visit our Population theme page for more information.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 09/01/2014 Guide to Culture and Faiths in Oxfordshire (2006)
This publication provides a fascinating insight in the culture, beliefs, and practices of various communities within the county. Whilst the figures are taken from the 2001 census, the accompanying text is very useful for understanding key terms and ideas.
Quick Facts PDF 08/01/2014 The mental health of Armed Forces' veterans
The document explores the issue of the prevelence of mental health issues in the veteran population of the UK.
Report PDF 13/12/2013 Learning Disabilities Census Report. England, 30 September 2013
This report presents initial findings from the 2013 Learning Disability Census. Data were collected via the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) on behalf of the Department of Health, the Care Quality Commission, Public Health England and NHS England. The principal aim of the Census is to deliver action 17 in Transforming Care: A national response to Winterbourne View Hospital1 - “an audit of current services for people with challenging behaviour to take a snapshot of provision, numbers of out of area placements and lengths of stay”. The Learning Disability Census provides an individual record-level snapshot of inpatients with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and/or behaviour that challenges, and the services they receive, for service users who were inpatients in NHS and independent services at midnight on 30 September 2013. The census will be re-run on 30 September 2014.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 12/11/2013 Equalities Briefing, November 2013
Selection of data about Oxfordshire's residents with a focus on equalities.
Scorecard PDF Oxfordshire 02/11/2013 Health and Wellbeing Board. Performance Reporting. November 2013
A performance report by the Health and Wellbeing Board. The report explores how closely Oxfordshire is performing to the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
Report PDF 01/11/2013 OSCP Performance and Monitoring Bi-annual report Nov 2013
Report with performance and monitoring indicators reviewed by the Oxfordshire Safer Communities Partnership
Report PDF 01/07/2013 Oxfordshire Safer Communities Partnership Annual Refresh 2013-14
Oxfordshire Safer Communities Partnership Annual Refresh 2013-14
Report PDF Oxfordshire 15/04/2013 2009 JSNA Report (Version 2 for the period of 2009)
The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is designed to help all agencies take account of the broader social, cultural, economic, political and physical environments that shape people’s experience of health and wellbeing. It supports persistent, systematic and scaled interventions, based on evidence and focused on outcomes. It does this by drawing on data from a variety of sources to foster a broader understanding of the impact that local partners can have on the social determinants of health. Information sources for the JSNA include those held by partners on social care, county demographics, education, and NHS providers. It also draws upon national datasets. The PCT, in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council, local authorities, police and fire service, is working with Oxfordshire Data Observatory to provide a countywide Local Implementation System. Work is currently under way to provide components of the JSNA through the data observatory web portal.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 12/04/2013 Outcomes benchmarking support packs: CCG level
Local decision making is at the heart of the NHS, and the NHS Commissioning Board, Public Health England and the Local Government Association are committed to providing high quality comparable intelligence to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) identify local priorities and agree local plans. Alongside the publication of the NHS Commissioning Board’s 2013-14 Planning Guidance, we have produced initial information packs at Local Authority and CCG level that set out key data to inform the local position on outcomes. The Local Authority level packs present high level comparative information on the NHS, the Adult Social Care and the Public Health Frameworks. The CCG level packs provide a more detailed analysis of NHS outcomes and other relevant indicators. The purpose of these is to provide CCGs and HWB partners with a quick and easy-to-use summary of their current position on outcomes as they take up their role, building on the data sets in the CCG outcomes indicators and other existing data sets. The information should be used alongside the local intelligence that is being collected to inform local Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and it will support commissioners working together to set the priorities for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Where possible we have signposted other relevant information sources that might help build an understanding of the specific issues locally.