Census 2011 data tables

Browse Census 2011 raw-data tables using the links below. These are the original tables from the Office for National Statistics (those relevant to Oxfordshire). Links marked "KS" are Key Statistics tables, whereas "QS" are Quick Statistics: the main difference is the layout of these two table types. For more information, please visit the Office for National Statistics website.

Some data is available across a range of geographies, in different tables. Where this is the case, the geographies available in a table are indicated as follows:

  National = Nat;
  Regions = Reg; 
  Local Authorities (including Oxfordshire County, Oxford City, and districts) = LocA; 
  Middle Super Output Areas = MSOA
  Lower Super Output Areas = LSOA
  Output Areas = OAs.
You can see the areas covered by the different geographies on our interactive map.