Current Population

As of mid-2018, the Office for National Statistics estimate of the population of Oxfordshire was 687,500.

By local authority district, the mid-2018 ONS estimate was:

  • Cherwell 149,200
  • Oxford 154,300
  • South Oxfordshire 140,500
  • Vale of White Horse 133,700
  • West Oxfordshire 109,800

Estimates of the population by local authority district and small areas including wards and lower and middle super output areas are available from www.nomisweb.co.uk

Download ONS mid-2017 population estimates for Oxfordshire's wards and lower and middle super output areas

Future population change

There are two alternative scenarios for the future change in population: (1) Oxfordshire County Council’s housing-led forecasts which incorporate district council plans for a higher rate of house building than in the recent past (see links and downloads below) and (2) ONS projections based on past trends.

The latest OCC housing-led forecasts (2017-based) predict a total population in Oxfordshire of 822,200 by 2027, a growth of 134,800 (+20%).   Over the same period the ONS projections show an increase of +3%.

Differences are particularly apparent for the younger and working age groups.  For older people aged 65 and over, the predicted growth shown by OCC and ONS is similar.

Links and downloads

Interactive dashboard of Oxfordshire's population forecasts (August 2019)

Excel spreadsheet with OCC 2017-based forecasts by local authority district and MSOA (August 2019)

Map showing MSOA boundaries (for reference)

JSNA Bitesize on future population growth (August 2019)