New Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for 2019

On 14th March 2018, Oxfordshire's Health & Wellbeing Board approved a new Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for 2019.

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) provides information about Oxfordshire’s population and the factors affecting health, wellbeing, and social care needs. It brings together information from different sources and partners to create a shared evidence base, which supports service planning, decision-making, and delivery.

A good place to start is the first chapter which provides a summary of findings.

Individual chapters give trends and data on Oxfordshire's population changepopulation groups and protected characteristicswider determinants of health (employment, housing, education, environment)health conditions and causes of deathlifestyles and service use.

For the first time this year we have included a chapter on health and wellbeing research carried out by organisations in Oxfordshire

The Annex to the report provides a set of inequalities indicators showing differences for small areas across Oxfordshire.  This annex was produced in 2018 and the data is still the latest available.

Also from 2018, is an excel data pack providing (a) indicators at ward level and (b) summaries for Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group localities and District Council areas.

If you would like help with accessing information from the Oxfordshire JSNA, please get in touch