With migration in the headlines, the September edition of the Oxfordshire Insight Newsletter looks at the changing profile of Oxfordshire's population. It also covers new travel to work areas, this month's International Behavioural Insights Conference, and key data releases coming soon.

With migration in the headlines, the September 2015 newsletter focuses on the changing make-up of Oxfordshire's population, using the latest published statistics on country of birth and nationality. It also reports on new travel to work areas and this month's International Behavioural Insights Conference; and trails key, upcoming data releases.
14 September 2015

Reference pack showing main mode of travel for commutes to and from major settlements in Oxfordshire (2011 Census travel flow data). 


5 November 2014
New 2011 Census data shows how commuters travel into, out of, and within Oxfordshire, and how patterns have changed since 2001
30 October 2014
New figures explore Oxfordshire's population 40 years from now. Also this month: out of term population; how people travel to work; unemployment at all time low.
30 October 2014
The headlines and key facts from the latest 2011 Census travel to work data. Also in this month's newsletter: update on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment; latest jobseekers allowance claimant figures and new data on mothers' country of birth.
25 September 2014


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