Oxfordshire Children & Young People’s Trust: Child Poverty Needs Assessment

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The Child Poverty Needs Assessment is an opportunity to highlight what child poverty looks like in Oxfordshire, to identify who is in poverty, where they live, why they are in poverty, examples of local good practice in relation to child poverty and evidence about what more we could be doing to lift people out of poverty.

Tackling child poverty will help to improve children’s lives today and it will also enhance their life chances in the longer term, enabling them to make the most of their talents, achieve their full potential in life and pass on the benefits to their children. It is an issue that is already at the heart of our local Children’s and Young People’s Plan, the Oxfordshire 20:30 Strategy and Oxfordshire County Council’s Corporate Plan. Narrowing the gap for our most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and breaking the cycle of deprivation remain key priorities for the Council and NHS alike.

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