JSNA Insight briefing: Carers Survey 2016-17

A new JSNA Insight briefing is now available with the results of the 2016-17 survey of Adult Carers in Oxfordshire.

The survey is part of a wider national survey carried out every two years.

This time we heard from 721 carers in Oxfordshire, just over a third of those who were sent a survey form. Overall the results show that:

  • Older carers were more likely to have accessed information and advice and more likely to rate advice as helpful
  • Satisfaction with Social Services support varies by age
  • Around a third (34%) of Oxfordshire carer respondents have had to see their own GP in the past 12 months because of their caring role
  • Over half of respondents would be prepared to take part in further research

We received more than 50 pages of comments. Carers wrote about: the challenges of caring; lack of available care, support for day care, poor quality home care, praise for Age UK, dealing with bureaucracy.

The national report and datasets from the 2016-17 Carers survey are available at https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/personal-social-services-survey-of-adult-carers-in-england-201617