Housing stock

Information on the total number of residential units available, including data on tenure and vacant dwellings by local authority and housing association (HA), is available from Dataspring, a research unit within the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research.  This data comes from the Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR) produced from the annual census of the HA sector.

The Department for Communities and Local Government holds live tables on dwelling stock down to local authority level from 1994 onwards.

Neighbourhood Statistics provide tables showing a variety of information on dwelling stock, and the 2001 Census included information on tenure (property ownership status), by occupant types.

District councils carry out regular surveys to assess levels of need for affordable housing – please contact the relevant district council.

House Prices

The Halifax House Price Index is based on the largest sample of housing data and provides the longest unbroken series of any similar UK index. The site provides monthly, national and regional house price releases, quarterly data for local authorities and annual data by post town. It also provides a breakdown of house price by type and region.

The Land Registry Office provides house price data at regional and local authority level and allows you to search for average house price over a specific time for a postcode area.

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) publishes a monthly house price index statistical release that analyses changes to the housing market down to regional level. The site also includes a wide range of live tables presenting up-to-date data on prices (down to county level) disaggregated by dwelling type, type of buyer, etc.

Households and living arrangements

Data on household numbers and projections is available from the Department for Communities and Local Government.  These projections are based on the Office for National Statistics subnational population projections and show trends in household numbers and types by local authority area over the next 25 years. (Internal page link needed)

Data on housing characteristics, including size, income level of resident, type, and homelessness down to county level is available from the DCLG live tables.