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Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/06/2010 Seen and Heard
Seen and Heard - supporting vulnerable children in the youth justice system.How staff from youth offending teams (YOTs) identify and support children with particular impairments and difficulties who come to the attention of youth justice services, and what support they in turn receive, was the primary focus of this large-scale study.
Report MS Word Oxfordshire 01/03/2010 Oxfordshire MARAC Protocol
MARAC is Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. The role of the MARAC is to facilitate, monitor and evaluate effective information sharing to enable appropriate actions to be taken to increase public safety.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/08/2009 Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation: Supplementary guidance to Working Together to Safeguard Children
This guidance document sets out how organisations and individuals should work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people from sexual exploitation. It is supplementary to, and should be read in conjunction with, Working Together to Safeguard Children (HM Government, 2006).
Report PDF 01/05/2009 Population profile for Oxfordshire - Focus on Equalities
This paper provides a range of statistics about the population of Oxfordshire to facilitate abetter understanding of equalities issues in Oxfordshire.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 23/10/2008 Reducing the risk of violent crime
Forty–fifth Report of Session 2007–08Report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/05/2008 A guide to anti-social behaviour tools and powers
A summary of available interventions, the legislation and the supportive measures that can be implemented alongside enforcement tools. This is followed by detailed descriptions of the measures available for tackling anti-social behaviour.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/01/2007 The Geography of Bus Shelter Damage: The Influence of Crime, Neighbourhood Characteristics and Land-Use
This paper offers unique insights into the distribution of damage to bus shelters, in a single case study area, Merseyside (UK). The geography of bus shelter damage is examined in relation to the criminogenic and socio-economic characteristics of its neighbourhood, and the local land use context.
Report HTML Oxfordshire 08/11/2006 Police and Justice Act 2006
An Act to establich a national Policing Improvement Agency.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/05/2006 Neighbourhood Policing - A Joint Agenda
Report of a Conference Held in April 2006
Report PDF Oxfordshire 03/01/2006 Deconstructing distraction burglary, an ageist offence
This chapter is based upon research conducted in preparation for a Home Office funded evaluation of the Leeds Distraction Burglary Project.