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Type File type Localities Date releasedsort ascending Title
Report PDF Oxfordshire 14/12/2011 PNA Oxfordshire Supplementary Statement - Minor Relocation. Northway Pharmacy
Oxfordshire PCT approved on 25th May 2011 an application by Frosts Pharmacy Ltd, t/a Northway Pharmacy, 53 Westlands Drive, Northway Estate, Headington, OX3 9QS for a minor relocation of 500 metres or more to 2 Cherwell Drive, Headington, OX3 0LY.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/02/2011 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. 1st February 2011
The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) presents a picture of community pharmacies and dispensing services in Oxfordshire, reviewing both access and services currently provided and how these could be utilised further. Community pharmacies can support the health and well-being of the population of Oxfordshire in partnership with our community services and GP practices. Services can be directed towards addressing health inequalities and supporting self-care in areas of greatest need, so a mapping of service provision and identifying gaps in demand are essential to afford NHS Oxfordshire the market intelligence it needs to take forward appropriate and cost-effective commissioning of services.
Report PDF Oxfordshire 01/02/2011 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Appendices 2011
The appendices of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assesment 2011.